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Today I Turn 28

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Good Morning. Today is my 28th Birthday. Looking back at this past year, I have accomplished more than I give myself credit for. Sometimes it just feels like a blur, so many days feeling like they are mashed into one big, long day. Giving myself a moment to reflect on what we have built for ourselves over the last year and a half is truly special and something for me to appreciate and keep close to my heart.

This time last year I was 8 months pregnant with Jude. Trippy to think I hadn't met him yet. We had been living in our new home for a half year already and it was our very first summer on our own property. Eric built a beautiful garden, where we planted and grew our own vegetables and were amazed by the abundance of fruit trees and beautiful flowers that came along with our acreage. Awaiting Judes arrival we went on one last road trip to Kelowna where we spent my 27th birthday. Just a little over a month after my birthday I gave birth to our beautiful son Jude Onan MacLellan and that is where the real journey began. On top of raising our new son - fast forward to this spring; we were thrilled to have our garden already built this year so we could expand and work on other parts of our property. Eric built the most beautiful chicken coop, which we gracefully introduced 12 chicks to our growing family. Looking forward to fresh eggs hopefully this fall *fingers crossed*.

On top of all of this I strive to continue my creativity and try to stay motivated to becoming more self sufficient while staying home and raising Jude (and hopefully baby #2 in the near future). Something I haven't really touched on with many people is a project i've been working on the last few months which is where this new website actually developed from. A company reached out to me with a proposal of starting my own brand through them. When I accepted I promised myself that if I was going to try and make this work I was going to give it my all and MAKE it work. So I saw this as a huge opportunity for myself and my "brand". These past few months I have been working on my own candle brand, I had two sets of scent samples sent to me based around the main essential oil scents I chose and then onto the packaging. Because I am a Digital Artist I wanted to create my logo / brand along with the packaging to bring my vision to life, which makes it even more personal for me. So just two days ago, I finished the design for my first 4 candles, I am just waiting to hear back from my project manager to move forward. I didn't want the candles to have my name on them, I wanted them to be their own brand. I was tired of having my name as my brand. Which is where Conscious Daze came to life. Having the new brand name, I decided it was time to upgrade my blog. Working on the dinosaur of blog sites (wordpress) i said goodbye to my blog of 9 years and decided it was time to start a new chapter. Start fresh. Take myself a little more seriously.

I look forward to making this year count (not that my past years didn't). I am vowing to myself to try my darndest <-- LOL - to stay motivated and continue the hustle to make a bright future for myself and my family. Life is hard sometimes and it's okay to take a break and turn your brain off. But don't give up and continue where you left off, or if theres a project that you don't find passion in, start something else and you can always come back to it... or even scrap that old chap. (kay i'm cracking myself up).

Anyways, happy birthday me. That was a crazy year, but you did amazing <3

Your present self.

- Lucy

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