• Lucille Anna

Starting our annual garden.

It's that time of year again. Happy to see the snow has gone and life sprouting from the ground has begun. I wanted to share a bit of my gardening journey this year and document some of our progress here at the MacLellan Homestead.

I ordered a 10 foot long green house that should be in sometime next week which I am thrilled about. I finally took the plunge because I could not stop thinking about how badly I wanted to add one to our property the last 2 seasons.

We did a few trays of seed sowing and got our onion bed together so far. I've also ordered some starts from Nancy's Nursery this year which I will be my first time ordering from her so I am also looking forward to those coming in early May.

We planted around 100 garlic bulbs last fall and that is always the first exciting thing to be popping through. It grows soo quickly and it very very low maintenance. A win / win in my opinion!

Anyways, here are some more things around the property that are budding and coming back to life after that long winter.

Happy gardening! - Lucy

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