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Magic Hair Potion - Moroccan Argana Oil - Hair Growth Serum

Good Morning! Does your hair need a drink? Zora & Sarah London were so generous to send me a complimentary oil to share with you today! I've been using this Magic Hair Potion made of Moroccan Argana Oil's active healing agents for the last couple of weeks and have had such a incredible transformation with the health of my hair. Helping generate and maintaining a balanced oil level in the hair follicles & helping to produce hair growth and hair shaft elasticity. Myself, I have extremely dry, thirsty, thick, porous hair and I usually load it up with oils and products trying to quench its thirst but it never seems to be enough. I shampoo my hair maybe once every 2 - 3 weeks and my hair never gets oily (crazy i know) so when I first got this I thought it will be "just another hair oil" but I was quickly proven wrong & was presently surprised by how hydrating & smooth this made my hair! Seriously the smoothest my hair has ever been. 

I have a 25% discount for you as well if you're interested! You can use my code "LUCILLEANNA" or you can click here: Click For Magic Hair Potion!

This is definitely in my top beauty products of 2020 and a new staple in my hair care routine. This oil has such a lovely aroma to it, leaving my hair smelling beautiful. I don't know if expensive is a smell but my hair smells and feels expensive, like I just got back from the salon.


This hair potion also includes Fish Oil C30H50 which is also great for hair growth & Organic β-Carotene which reinforces and smooths hair, making it ideal for more fragile hair types and helps with split ends which I think most of us can relate with.

Thank you so much for joining me in today's blog post, I hope you have a beautiful day ♡

- Lucy

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