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LOVEVERY ♡ Debut / Award Winning Play Gym

Hello mamas (& possibly daddys?) In today’s post I have the one and only award winning, debut product by LOVEVERY . If you’re in search of the perfect play gym / activity center look no further! Come experience The Play Gym with me below!

You can watch my youtube unboxing & review here:

The Lovevery play gym has everything you need for the first year of learning and developing for your little one. This play gym was designed by childhood development experts to give your babe a bright and exciting play time while learning to focus, exploring the way things feel, colour and sound.

Check out The Play Gym here:

What The Play Gym includes:

– Organic Cotton High Contrast Ball A Montessori classic, it’s detachable and ideally shaped for grasping, passing from hand to hand, and rolling.

– Batting Ring Ergonomically designed for batting and grasping. Bell and castanet sounds approved by sleep-deprived parents.

– Organic Cotton Teether Made with organic cotton, detachable, and perfect for mouthing

– Teething Ring BPA-free silicone rings for safe, comfortable teething

– Black & White Card Set For the first 12 weeks, babies will be riveted by our high contrast images that gradually get more complex.

– Mirror Card Set Look at that adorable face in the mirror, who is that?

– Common Object Card Set Reinforce your baby’s first words with pictures of objects they see every day.

– Faces Card Set Babies are naturally curious about other babies. Build vocabulary with friendly faces.

– The Play Guide A full year of ideas for how to play, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read.

– Tent Cover Turn your play gym into a fort for more imaginative play!

As for the mat, it comes with 5 different areas making tummy time super fun for babes. Jude LOVES tummy time on his play gym exploring textures, sounds and colours.

This would make such an amazing gift for a new mama & baby!

Check out The Play Gym & their play kits for development milestones below.

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