• Lucille Anna

I Opened an Etsy Store!

Recently I decided to take the plunge and chase my dreams. I have thought about opening an Etsy store for years now but never thought it would do any good or I would get anywhere with it.

Maybe sell to a few friends and family, but I just wasn't there yet.

By my surprise Etsy is actually very helpful and works very well for getting your creations out there if you tag and utilize their tools properly. I opened my store November 15th, 2020. So it has been a little over half a month and I have made 13 sales already! I didn't even have any of my art pieces printed because I figured it probably wouldn't pick up until I started doing some serious advertisement.

The rush of getting things together to be able to mail out my art prints was exciting and reassuring that I can make this work.

Being able to provide for my family even if it is just a couple extra hundred dollars has made a huge difference in my mental health and wellbeing.

Because let's be honest. Being broke is fucking depressing.

Anyways! I am going to start sharing my new art pieces on here and my journey as a small artist, if you happen to come by this post feel free to check out my Etsy store & Instagram i've created for it (usually post new art pieces everyday to every other day on my instagram).



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