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Femme Luxe Haul

Good evening lovely! Tis the season for living in comfy loungewear, sipping hot drinks, lounging around watching classic movies and staying cute af. I'm so excited to be collaborating with Femme Luxe over at . Sharing a few of my loungewear choices for this transitioning Autumn season! Lately I have been enjoying the slower lifestyle as the seasons are changing and we spend more time in our home than outside doing yard work (which is a nice break if i'm being honest). Even with nowhere to go at the moment, I still like to look get dressed up and cute..

Who doesn't?!

I love how cute and trendy loungewear has become over the years. I love looking cute and dressed up but realistically you can find me living in sweats and comfy tees. Which if i'm being honest.. I really don't mind the "lazy" outfits while looking put together and still feeling good about myself.

I'm just going to dive into what I got from Femme Luxe, we got some cute pieces to cover gorrl.

So my fiirst piece is this Brown Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set - Suzi.

This crop ribbed two piece co-ord set is originally €39.99 on sale right now for €16.99!

The ribbed pants are soo cute, I feel like I probably could have sized up in this one as the top is a bit small for me but none the less still in LOVE. The tobacco / caramel colour is such a flattering beautiful colour I feel on all skin types and it feels like it is a timeless colour to be honest.

Okay and how friggin CUTE is this knit lounge set? Femme Luxe has so many cute knitted sets right now if you're into matching sets! This is a tight knitted duo that I think would be flattering on any body type.

This is the Stone Off The Shoulder Knitted Loungewear Set - Alisa. They have this same knitted set but with shorts which is super adorable! This would go so well with a big fluffy pair of slippers and a hot chocolate with some baileys in it, lounging on the couch for movie night!

This off the shoulder knitted loungewear set is €59.98 but is on sale right now for €29.99 which is such a good deal!

Alright so because that first ribbed set was SOO cute. I had to get it in the Jade Green. So this one is the Jade Green Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set - Suzi. I find this shade of green to be super complimenting with my skin tone and dark hair. I Freaking LOVE the ribbed pants soo much, they are super flattering and long enough for my long af legs! So if you're taller than 5'9" these will still flow all the way to the floor for you.

This crop ribbed two piece co-ord set is originally €39.99 on sale right now for €16.99!

And the last piece I got from Femme Luxe are these Cream Cuffed Joggers - Lizzie. These are the comfiest joggers I have ever owned and I've been living in them the past four days. So soft, so comfy, perfect for this transitioning weather and slower lifestyle inside now that all the yard work is coming to an end.

These cream cuffed joggers are originally €27.98 on sale right now for €13.99 which is such a steal!

If you're looking to buy some new loungewear that makes you feel put together, fashionable and cute af. Definitely check out the Femme Luxe's options, this was only a little peak into what they have available. There are pages and pages of adorable loungewear but then they also have an amazing selection of super sexy dresses, trousers, jumpsuits and more. I know i'll be doing a bit more shopping on their website so stay tuned for another haul in the future!

Thank you to Femme Luxe for sending me these pieces complimentary, I absolutely LOVE them!

A girlfriend just ordered a matching knit loungewear so we could be matchy matchy when watching movies together this winter! xo

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